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Steampunk & Hard Candy

Making Communism sexy ... *rawr*

16 April
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My latest project is Assignment Writing, details on the Lj, weird funky graphix forthcoming. Ultimately it is THE GREATEST EVER FICTION! ATTEMPT ON EARTH so buy it.

My latest travesty, erm, I mean creation ...
cancelled right


This LiveJournal is certified:


By the author of this LiveJournal. All the posts will adhere to nostalgia and a fondness for old school values, yo.

the nerv of those guys


So, last year my friend Kat got me a banner for my birthday cuz she's cool like that yo, with Milo on it, cuz she knows how much I love him and I loved Heroes, I haven't seen it since Season 2 so I have no clue what's going on but Milo is still hot LOL and I wanted a banner with Skandar and Voila! for my birthday this year, she remembered and here it is. Thank you Kat, you're the bestest friend ever! *madtackleglompswithloveandsmoochiesandcannonsfiring*

courtesy of my girl friday katcal062301


I'm a writer, and this journal is the home of my writing.

Yup, you lucky person you. You've just stumbled onto the home of TRSIADRAOT&O (I can't remember WTF it's short for, but I'm sure it's good, so go read it).


My writings are an assortment of rants against the establishment (whichever one you chose to establish), general stuff about life (no, not my life that would make this a personal blog which this ain't), but if you're interested in fiction then there's going to be stories (aside from TRSIADRAOT&O, which is good btw).


I used to be OSC on SS but now I'm just Steamboy. Here's why:

In an era where anything is possible (if you're rich or willing to sell your body and soul), an age of high romance (and low fuel costs), an era of social reform (and people willing to reform it), and burgeoning technology (the steam kind), you find yourself immersed in a bygone age that never was. Whether drinking tea, visiting the crystal palace at the grand exhibition or fending off cholera, John Ruskin and the Martian invaders????!!!! while sailing (is that what submarines do? sail?) on the Nautilus it's all in a day's work, just an ordinary Victorian day saving the world from pernicious pirates, and timorous tyrants.

Hey Cj how'd you know it was me? LOL Oh yeah, coming soon ... You can read my HP fan fiction on Snitchseeker.com if you go to the finished fan fics section (unless they threw me out) I won't be reposting any of it here as I had originally planned. H/G shipper warning ;) Here's one to look for:

By Gwen of Gwen & Allie @ SS.com

I'm madly in love with Rupert Grint, he's a brilliant actor, and too cute for words.

by Astri @ SS.com

It's my party and I'll get down with the cute boys if I want too ... yeah, Milo is gorgeous too and I love him as well ... now if I can get a banner with Skandar Keynes we'll be set. UPDATE: If you look up, you'll see Kat made it so we're already set. Oh yeah!


courtesy of my girl friday katcal062301

I love ♥ (I mean love and adore he's so cute *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*) Beast Boy, Robin is my new favorite hero (since they killed Bart RIP, but knowing comic books you'll be back). UPDATE Yup he's back ... I just don't know how.


Of all the virtues in the world, I prize loyalty the highest. Love can be fickle and it's easily perverted into obsession or self-love, courage is great, except its kind of neutral, not unlike loyalty but loyalty you can respect because of what it says about a person, but you can have courage to be a mean bastard. Truthfulness ... well we know how swell that works (if you don't have feelings!), and really is the truth a virtue, or a burden, so on ... trust me loyalty, even when it's to something evil, PWNS the universe. At least you're safe from betrayal.


Did I mention I love Jewel? Especially this song. It's all Kelly's fault she needs to own all the Christmas songs in the world OMGWTFBBQ???!!!!

This space for rent ... LOL

CLAIMER: Though it should go without saying but let it never be said that it wasn't said, All works are copyright their respective creators meaning, if I post fanfiction the story is likely mine but the characters belong to whomever I'm fanficing, no? All original works created by yours truly though posted for your enjoyment are mine and mine alone not Lj's not yours to take, not your grandma's or anyone elses. Strictly MINE the author, authors do not give up ownership of their creations solely by posting on my journal. So, if you post a story with your character they're yours even if you posted them here. Amen. Let's all respect each other's desire to be creative.