Writing Assignment or Somebody Saaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeee me I don't care how you do it ...

Kevin Mitchell’s guide to surviving attacks from overly affectionate deer
By Otty

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*Disclaimer: Please note contents are explosive and may cause seizures or some other weird shit, and the views expressed herein are not necessarily those of the author though he wrote them but, whatever, more than likely they are he’s just not going to ‘fess up to it. Maybe. Dunno.

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Hello Zinesters

Uhm, as you may all already know, I'm a dork. LOL

So, having realized that I forgot the password to that ZineSociety account I opened for my zine. Haha. Funny, I know. Stupid too.

<_< Neways, I started a new one, tried to friend a few of you ... its adventure_zine. Its almost the same but not quite. You know me, I love doing work twice over ... the better to get it right with I suppose. *sighs* Neways, I'm thinking of giving the contributors the password unless some of you know how I can turn my account into a community so that I can ... you know, grant people posting privileges, or whatever. Lemme know. As I said before ... I forget these things ... LOL Still looking for submissions art, pictures, whatever ... send it in an email or a pdf, if you don't know my e-mail by now ask me here and I'll send it to you privately. :D I don't want to get flamed by haters.

No I'm not dead, I'm just gay

Hullo sweet people of Ljland ... and goodbye.

I don't know what to say except. I haven't been here in so long ... its ... it feels like we don't even know each other anymore. I moved out. You stopped calling ... it was all really very not dramatic ... and I suppose you've moved on ... *crying* well ... so have I. I'm not the same little journal you used to know ... I've grown. I've seen things. Experienced much and ... I write on paper now. Yes. Yes I do. And that ludicrous story I spent three years on ... its in a drawer now. I can't ... I just can't dedicate myself to it anymore.

I'm sorry it had to end this way. We both just ... left.

In the end ... did we even really want each other?

*dies dramatically*

But seriously folks LOL I'm not killing this journal. A few points ...

1) this is my personal journal and as such it will stay that way. Friends only. Yay.
2) I'm starting a new journal about my zine (more on that in a second) so you'll be seeing more of me, more often LOL
3) I art more now.
4) I'm going to be making a zine ... :D
5) You too could be a part of it ... when I get the specifics down I'll tell you how.
6) I've missed you all. But especially you scarecrow ... *sniffles*

I'm back. I'm happy. And I'm going to be writing a lot more short stories ... LOL on paper. Then I'll post them here.

Don't hide from me Debs. And I can't believe you're reading Batman Ali. LOL I love Robin ... all of them.

More laters as I develop it. Ciao for now, mein freunds.